LTP Output/Log (Report Generated on Чтв ноя 8 19:39:29 EET 2018)


Meaning of the following KEYWORDS in test results/logs:
  • TPASS - Indicates that the test case had the expected result and passed
  • TFAIL - Indicates that the test case had an unexpected result and failed.
  • TBROK - Indicates that the remaining test cases are broken and will not execute correctly, because some precondition not met, such as a resource not being available.
  • TCONF - Indicates that the test case was not written to run on the current harware or software configuration such as machine type, or, kernel version.
  • TWARN - Indicates that the test case experienced an unexpected or undesirable event that should not affect the test itself such as being unable to cleanup resources after the test finished.
  • TINFO - Specifies useful information about the status of the test that does not affect the result and does not indicate a problem.

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  • Detailed Report

    No Test-Name Start-Time Command-Line Contacts Analysis Test-Output Initiation-Status Duration Termination-type Termination-id Core-File cutime cstime



    Thu Nov  8 19:39:29 2018




    tst_test.c:1085: INFO: Timeout per run is 0h 05m 00s 
    pcrypt_aead01.c:71: PASS: Nothing bad appears to have happened 
    passed   1 
    failed   0 
    skipped  0 
    warnings 0 
    incrementing stop 








    Summary Report

    Test Summary

    Pan reported all Test Pass

    LTP Version 20180926
    Start Time Чтв ноя 8 19:39:29 EET 2018
    End Time Чтв ноя 8 19:39:32 EET 2018
    Log Result /opt/ltp/results
    Output/Failed Result /opt/ltp/output
    Total Tests1
    Total Test TPASS: 1
    Total Test TFAIL: 0
    Total Test TBROK 0
    Total Test TWARN 0
    Total Test TCONF 0
    Kernel Version Linux version 4.19.1-dragon-westmere (buildd@lcy01-amd64-024) (gcc version 8.2.0 (Ubuntu 8.2.0-7ubuntu1)) #201811060006-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 6 20:52:51 UTC 2018
    Machine Architecture x86_64
    Hostname wip